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2:28 p.m. - November 22, 2005
Home for Thanksgiving
Here we are closing in on Thanksgiving again! We are leaving to go home tomorrow night. After all this time, my parent's house is still home to me. The more we live here, the more I can identify it with "home" but it's never my first thought when I think of what home is. Someone asked me the other day if I liked this city. I wasn't quite sure how to respond. I don't dislike it. It has some good schools, low crime, friendly atmosphere. I have envisioned me spending the rest of my life here, so whey can't I say that this is home?? Well, let's face it- I know why. My family isn't here. If my parents lived in the area, it would instantly become HOME. I have not given up on the idea entirley but I know that it will take a mighty move of God to get them down here. But, I will not stop hoping.


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